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Welcome to Envision Body Works!

Welcome to Envision Body Works, LLC, your integrated wellness solution. My name is Kelley Oakley-Handy, I am a veteran certified personal trainer and licensed medical massage therapist with over 25 years’ experience in the health & wellness industry.

Your Integrated Wellness Solution

Achieve total health and wellness from an integrated professional viewpoint.

We specialize in injury prevention, holistic acute and chronic pain management.

You are unique!

Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic pain or just wanting to improve your overall health and wellness, our services are tailored to your specific goals and needs. Our services combine the best of established clinical and holistic approaches.

Convenient hours & location!

Early morning, mid-day, evening & weekend appointments are available. We are located at 7151 Preston Road, Suite
111A Frisco, TX.

To book an appointment, please call: 214-551-9826 or you may utilize our online booking system.


  • Service Received: 30 Minute Medical Massage

    "Kelley has been excellent working with my 12 year old son and his various sports injuries. She has helped decrease his pain and increase his flexibility. She is extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended!"

  • Service Received: 60 Minute Integrated Massage

    "I had a wonderful first appointment. I felt heard, validated, encouraged. She explained treatment thoroughly along with goal of each step. I was informed and educated. I feel like I am on a good road to recovery. I am looking forward to my next session and I would definitely recommend her to others. Feeling grateful."

  • Service Received: 60 minute Massage

    "Kelley is amazing. She has helped me regain mobility in my knee without pain. She can tell when something is wrong and she works to improve the issue. I highly recommend carving out time to see her."

  • Service Received: 60 Minute Medical Massage

    "It was what my body needed. I appreciate you helping my feel better."

  • Service Received: 30 Minute Medical Massage

    "Kelley is a true professional, she always remedies my daughters aliments every visit! Makes her feel like new again."

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